Patch for blocking Thunder in transmission 3.00

I wrote a blog about blocking Thunder in tranmission-daemon 2.94. The patch does not apply cleanly on Transmission 3.00, so I update it here:

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Debian 10 hangs during booting on Phicomm N1

Section 5.1.4 in Debian 10’s Release Notes explained this, and suggested using haveged to populate system’s entropy. However, haveged does not work correctly on my N1 box, reporting:

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Several patches I’m using for running Linux 5.0 on Phicomm N1

meson-text-offset.patch: Patch for moving TEXT_OFFSET. This is necessary for booting Linux on Meson SoCs.

decrease-emmc-max-frequency.patch: Cap (internal) eMMC’s max-frequency. This is necessary for Phicomm N1 to boot.

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