Patch for blocking Thunder in transmission 3.00

I wrote a blog about blocking Thunder in tranmission-daemon 2.94. The patch does not apply cleanly on Transmission 3.00, so I update it here:

The rest instructions are theContinue reading

Default language is ignored in Transmission Web Control’s mobile page

Transmission Web Control allows setting default language in /usr/share/transmission/web/tr-web-control/config.js:

… but it won’t take effect in mobile pages. This seems to be a minor defect in it’s mobile homeContinue reading

Enabling RFC4941 via /etc/interfaces

From man interfaces:

So I put the following to /etc/interfaces.d/eth0:

update-initramfs fails to include fsck in initrd

update-initramfs reports the following warning when generating initrd.img:

To identify filesystem type of /, update-initramfs requires device of / listed in /etc/fstab. My rootfs is cross-debootstrapped in virtual machine,Continue reading