Default language is ignored in Transmission Web Control’s mobile page

Transmission Web Control allows setting default language in /usr/share/transmission/web/tr-web-control/config.js:

… but it won’t take effect in mobile pages. This seems to be a minor defect in it’s mobile homeContinue reading

Enabling RFC4941 via /etc/interfaces

From man interfaces:

So I put the following to /etc/interfaces.d/eth0:

update-initramfs fails to include fsck in initrd

update-initramfs reports the following warning when generating initrd.img:

To identify filesystem type of /, update-initramfs requires device of / listed in /etc/fstab. My rootfs is cross-debootstrapped in virtual machine,Continue reading

Shorten the lifetime of IPv6 prefixes announced by radvd

This helps when the prefix is dynamic (allocated by ISP dynamically, for example). See also: radvd.conf(5) – Linux man page

According to the man page above, AdvValidLifetime less thanContinue reading

samba does not listen on specified address after reboot in Debian

Applying the following patch (copied from the same file in Ubuntu 18.10) to /etc/dhcp/dhclient-enter-hooks.d/samba solved the problem: