Enabling RFC4941 via /etc/interfaces

From man interfaces:

So I put the following to /etc/interfaces.d/eth0:

High ping latency with iOS devices (iPad / iPhone)

pinging my iPad / iPhone shows an unreasonable high latency even if there’s no load on WiFi:

… while pinging my other devices from the iPad does show aContinue reading

Several patches I’m using for running Linux 5.0 on Phicomm N1

meson-text-offset.patch: Patch for moving TEXT_OFFSET. This is necessary for booting Linux on Meson SoCs.

decrease-emmc-max-frequency.patch: Cap (internal) eMMC’s max-frequency. This is necessary for Phicomm N1 to boot.

disable-usb2-lpm.patch:Continue reading

update-initramfs fails to include fsck in initrd

update-initramfs reports the following warning when generating initrd.img:

To identify filesystem type of /, update-initramfs requires device of / listed in /etc/fstab. My rootfs is cross-debootstrapped in virtual machine,Continue reading