Decrease reload interval of transmission-web-control

By default transmission-web-control forces a default reload interval of 5 seconds, and a minimum of 3 seconds.

As I’m not that into reducing bandwidth, I overrode the default behavior.

Default page

Here we’re gonna modify /usr/share/transmission/web/tr-web-control/script/system.js.

The default value is set by system.config.reloadStep, in milliseconds.

The minimum interval is set at #1249 (variable min in function initToolbar), in seconds.

Mobile page

Here file /usr/share/transmission/web/tr-web-control/script/ needs to be changed.

The default value is specified by system.config.reloadStep, in milliseconds.

Apply the changes

Note that these files are not used by Web UI. The ones actually used reside in /usr/share/transmission/web/tr-web-control/script/min.

Preferably we should minimize these two .js files and update the files in min/, yet it also works if we simply:

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