Debian 10 hangs during booting on Phicomm N1

Section 5.1.4 in Debian 10’s Release Notes explained this, and suggested using haveged to populate system’s entropy.

However, haveged does not work correctly on my N1 box, reporting:

From haveged‘s man page, the reason is “Invalid data or instruction cache size.”.

To fix this, patch /etc/default/haveged with:

The weird thing is that although haveged‘s help message (haveged --help) explicitly states that it uses 16KiB d-cache size as a fallback, it doesn’t work unless d-cache size is specified in it’s arguments.

2 thoughts on “Debian 10 hangs during booting on Phicomm N1”

  1. actually N1 has hwrng:

    /usr/bin/rngd -f -o /dev/random -r /dev/hwrng -x jitter -x pkcs11

    1. Nice discovery. I didn’t realize that. Thanks for sharing.

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