Phicomm N1 (seemingly) does not support booting from raw initramfs

Even if both the documentation (in source code) and the source code of boot_get_ramdisk suggest that booti (as well as other boot* family commands) support raw initrd image, my attempt to boot Phicomm N1 with raw initrd.img-5.0.2 failed.

I even tried hardcoding the size of initrd.img-5.0.2 (instead of using {filesize} given by ext4load, just in case I wrote the script wrong), still no luck.

That’s unfortunate.

The support for raw initrd was merged in back to 2012, long before booti was even introduced (IIRC Phicomm N1 is using U-boot 2015.). However, as raw initrd is conditionally compiled, it’s possible that Amlogic just did not enable this feature when they were building u-boot for S905D.

However, I’m not 100% sure this is indeed the case. I haven’t tried connecting the box to my computer via a TTL-to-USB cable to see U-boot’s output. I would like to hear if someone could boot into u-boot and check the availibility of this feature by running the command directly.

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