Several patches I’m using for running Linux 5.0 on Phicomm N1

  • meson-text-offset.patch: Patch for moving TEXT_OFFSET. This is necessary for booting Linux on Meson SoCs.

  • decrease-emmc-max-frequency.patch: Cap (internal) eMMC’s max-frequency. This is necessary for Phicomm N1 to boot.

  • disable-usb2-lpm.patch: Disable USB2 LPM. This works around several broken USB2 LPM implementations found in USB3 devices.

  • use-level-high-for-eth-phy-interrupt.patch: Honestly I’m not sure it’s the right patch. Anyway, it solves the issue that IRQ #35 (or some other one dedicated to Ethernet PHY by kernel) keeps firing, which results in high load average in top.

This patch does not work for Linux 5.10 (and possibly other versions I haven’t tested).

  • reduce-reserved-memory-for-hwrom.patch: Free some once reserved memory. This patch is not necessary if you don’t care about free memory or experience issues after applying it.

  • remove-eee-broken-1000t.patch: Remove no longer necessary eee-broken-1000t. This patch makes little difference in daily use.

  • expose-all-memory-to-linux.patch: Expose all memory to Linux, including those reserved for frame buffer. This patch could mass up Phicomm N1’s video output completely. (Not permanently, however. The video output will happily come back once you revert the patch.) Apply it only if you’re using the box headlessly (as I am).

    Here is the zip archive of all the patches above:

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  1. decrease-emmc-max-frequency.patch is not needed at all. here is my N1 DTS:

    max-frequency = ;

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