Setting up PTR records (rDNS) for IPv6 address from’s Tunnel Broker

I used to use Client IPv6 Address for AAAA record of my domain, but the PTR record for that address is pretty weird:

… and there seems not a way to set PTR record for this address manually.

It turns out that I used wrong address for AAAA record.

Setting up IPv6 address also provided a Routed IPv6 Prefixes for use, of which I didn’t make use before.

But that one is what I really should have used for AAAA record of my domain. And does provide a way for setting PTR record for addresses in the routed prefix.

I followed guidance from Debian, IPv6, and Hurricane Electric HOWTO to setting up an address in the routed prefix.

  1. Add the following to /etc/network/interfaces to assign an IPv6 address in routed prefix to eth0:

  2. Restart the network by systemctl restart networking.

ifconfig now shows a GUA IPv6 address in eth0:

Setting up rDNS

Now it’s possible to set up PTR record by using’s rDNS delegations.

  1. In section rDNS Delegations of tunnel’s setting (at the bottom of the page), the delegation could be set up by clicking Edit and Delegate to
  2. Then use Add a new reverse in Hurricane Electric Free DNS Management to add the routed prefix.
  3. Now the PTR record could be added in Zone management by clicking “Edit zone” icon and adding the mapping from IPv6 address to domain name.

The rDNS record set up could by verified by querying the IPv6 address from or pinging the address.

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