Specifying kernel image name in uEnv.ini

emmc_autoscript shipped with Armbian hardcoded the kernel image as zImage.

That can be convenient for users who do not compile their own kernel. But for those who want to compile the kernel themself and preserve the name of the image (vmlinuz-x.y.z), it could be annoying.

To be fair, Armbiam’s emmc_autoscript has already separated some “configuration”s from the script. Things such as dtb_name, bootargs are already put into uEnv.ini.

It’s possible to put kernel’s image name into that file as well. Here’s the script to read kernel’s image name from uEnv.ini:

To generate emmc_autoscript from this script, use this:

Now uEnv.ini looks this way:

… and the kernel image is at /boot/vmlinuz-4.20.3.

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