Change boot logo of Phicomm N1

  1. Dump logo from /dev/logo: dd if=/dev/logo of=logo.dmp bs=1M.
  2. Unpack dumped partition using aml-imgpack.
    But note that all opens need to be fixed. The original author uses text mode to manipulate the binary, we need to fix this by changing open mode to rb / wb.
  3. The bootloader expects a 1920x1080x16bit bitmap, which cannot be generated by mspaint on Windows 10. Tools such as Pixelformer is needed.
    But that’s not the whole story. The bootloader actually expects a BITMAPV3INFOHEADER format .bmp, which can NOT be generated by Pixelformer, you may need to edit the headers by hand (using WinHex or something). Not sure if Photoshop can generate such image programtically.
    The boot logo should be saved using name bootup.bmp.
  4. Repack the bitmaps using aml-imgpack.
  5. Flash the newly generated image into /dev/logo: dd if=packed.img of=/dev/logo bs=1M.

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