Built Debian 9 (4.20 kernel) for my N1 box

Cross build Debian 9 for N1 This is what the box finally looks like:

It turns out to be quite easy.. Build the kernel Download the kernel source. DownloadContinue reading

Block Thunder from connecting to transmission-daemon on Debian

Transmission is using a weird indent.. Patch Patched upon transmission-daemon 2.94-1.

Install dependencies

Build & Install Be sure to stop transmission-daemon.service before installing the patched one. Extract tarballsContinue reading

Made even more (once) reserved memory available to Linux on Phicomm N1

The corresponding memory region was shrinked in DTB for 3.1x by this patch, and I changed the dtb I’m using accordingly.

This change frees up 15M of memory. stress-ngContinue reading

Get fw_printenv working on Phicomm N1

fw_printenv / fw_setenv on Armbian 5.6x does not work out of box:

To solve this issue, put the following to /etc/fw_env.config:

IIRC Armbian 5.40- had this file inContinue reading

Override available memory region passed to Linux by U-boot

It looks that u-boot does not make the whole memory region visible to Linux kernel on my N1 box:

Note the value 78 00 00 00 above, it meansContinue reading

Lost USB connection between USB hard drive and Phicomm N1 after a while

My N1 box lost connection to USB hard drive after a while, and dmesg shows something like this:

I tried replacing my cable, moving the USB hard drive toContinue reading