Block in nginx

I just learned that does not honor robots.txt, so I blocked them in nginx.conf as follows:

Debian 10 hangs during booting on Phicomm N1

Section 5.1.4 in Debian 10’s Release Notes explained this, and suggested using haveged to populate system’s entropy. However, haveged does not work correctly on my N1 box, reporting:

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IPv6 packet drop caused by large MTU

This results in a rather miserable TLS (HTTPS) handshake failure in my case.. tcpdump shows a suspicious SACK packet when capturing packets through ppp0:

And packets for {1:5760} hadContinue reading

Default language is ignored in Transmission Web Control’s mobile page

Transmission Web Control allows setting default language in /usr/share/transmission/web/tr-web-control/config.js:

… but it won’t take effect in mobile pages. This seems to be a minor defect in it’s mobile homeContinue reading